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Poesia en la contemporaneïtat - Documentos 1

Documentos do congreso "Poesia en la contemporaneïtat":
Excerto da conferencia de Mary Modeen, "Seeing beyond texts"

Mary Modeen ( is an artist and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, and Art and Philosophy at the University of Dundee. She teaches undergraduates and postgraduates, and supervises PhD candidates in interdisciplinary practices. Her research includes several threads, such as perception as a cognitive and interpretive process; philosophy, especially ontological, aesthetic and metaphysical aspects of knowing; and place-based research which tends to connect many of these concerns, with attention to cultural values, history and embodied experience. As such, this research is usually interdisciplinary, combining many methods and approaches, while speaking to many different audiences. Part of this work appears as creative art, and part is conveyed through writing, presentations and workshops. She co-convenes three national and international research networks: Mapping Spectral Traces, PLaCE Scotland, and as of 2012, Land2. These three research groups are multi-disciplinary, and each begins with place-based research, but often involves collaborative teams working on specific projects.

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